Sold out 😭🥰


The shop will be closed (besides gift cards) from December 14-December 25th. But don't worry-- I'll still be finishing up the last orders we have, responding to emails and engaging on our socials.

We'll be back on the 26th with a massive seconds sale. I've got a stash of imperfect useable goodies that need out of the studio so I can make space for the next 3 designs that will be dropping over the next few months. I'm so fucking excited to show youuu them.

During the seconds sale: mugs and tumblers will be 50% off. Stickers will be available in mystery bundles of 5 for $4. 

Ya know how our Abort The Patriarchy design never goes on sale since 50% of profits go to ensuring access to abortion care?! Even that design will be apart of the sale-- and I've got A LOT of Abort The Patriarchy seconds. The respective proceeds will continue to be donated. 

Your support this holiday season has changed so many lives. We've raised $972 to go toward fulfilling wishlists on Trans Santa.

Thank you for all you've done. I never anticipated Sassed having such a busy holiday season. It has been a reminder that the values of community and wealth redistribution that I established Sassed on are what makes this small business what it is. I'm eager to show you the plans I have for us going forward. 

Between shipping dead lines, orders from my doctors to rest my hands that have been over used recently and the shop selling out for a SECOND time in just a few weeks-- it only makes sense for me to close the shop a few days sooner than I initially planned. 

Again, thank you for all your support and I appreciate your understanding while I step away from a few days. 


💜 Samantha

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